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Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness
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 8 reviews
by Corey Britts on Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness
Highly Recommend

Using CBD oil has been very beneficial to my general health and overall well being. I am using Green Roads 1750mg CBD oil from Sweet Leaf Relief & Wellness. It has helped lower my blood pressure to the point my hypertension is tolerable and my doctor has lowered my meds. My blood sugars have dropped to a healthy range so my diabetes meds have been cut in half and I no longer have to check blood sugar all the time. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia and scoliosis, but when I take CBD oil it takes the edge off the nerve and back pain and helps lower my anxiety so I can function more normally. I feel like I have been given my life back.  I highly recommend this CBD oil. My sincere thanks to Sweet Leaf Relief & Wellness!

Corey B.

by Marcy L on Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness
My dog loves it

I enjoyed talking about the results of King Kalm at the beach market where we first purchased it a couple weeks ago. This oil has made life easier and better for us and the dog.

Our Aussie has benefited from the oil so much. He has quite a few anxiety issues from reactiveness while leashed also loud sounds and storms. He has become more relaxed with strangers and less reactive to other dogs while out for walks. And much less violent with the vaccuum cleaner.

There has only been 1 storm with thunder and while he still panted there was no trying to hide behind or climb high ontop of anything. He just sat there.. something I thought would never happen and this was after only 2 days!!
We dose 4 MLs once a day, will soon try to back it to 3 and see if things remain calm.

Our dog is a customer for life.

by Tanner on Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness
Best CBD

I bought one of the 100mg bottles of the tincture today at a market on Anna Maria island, the girl working was VERY knowledgeable and super nice. I used it when I get home and wow it works very fast and has a super relaxing effect, neck pain is gone to, will definitely buy this again. Prices are great to you don’t pay an arm and a leg PLUS it’s great quality and not junk

by Nelson V. on Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness
Great Pain Cream

The cream I got for my muscular pain was really impressive. Smells good, the feeling takes a few minutes but when it does kick in its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Highly recommend it.

by Julie G on Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness
For me and my pets

I am in love with this product. The quality of this product is outstanding and I have tried other brands. With this having no THC traces, which I love because its not full spectrum and its needed due to drug testing. Thank you for that. I have severe nerve pain, thyroid, immune issues, severe brain fog. Within a week of using it, I have had no pain. I sleep much better and only a few drops 2x a day is needed. Helps anxiety as well. It really has mellowed me out and made me super focused and attentive. The brain fog is gone as well. My nerve issues are no more and it has even taken care of the severe inflammation, I think it has also helped my other issues, made me much calmer as well and less stressed. I sure can tell when I don't take it or when I forget to take it because I feel so good.

I also ordered the pet CBD as well, and this has worked extremely well for my 2 dogs which one has separation anxiety, scared of fireworks/storms. It has really calmed my dogs down and helped our 10yr old dog with his issues for his old dog pain. He is acting like a puppy again.

by Anonymous on Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness
Great advice. Great relief!

In Feb. 2018 I went locally to get some ointment. I was greeted warmly, after sharing, was advised by Marion to try 1500mg drops to get relief from all the pain of Fibromyalgia. Marian said in 30 days I would not need my Cane. Here it is the end of March, NO Cane. Pain greatly under control & feel so much better. So greatful for the oil & advise. 3 drops a day, my well being is 100% better.

by Donna T on Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness

I suffer from debilitating pain from lupus and rheumatoid arthritis to the point of not getting out of bed many days. I take Gabapentin, Tramadol Er, and hydrocodone daily and I’m still in pain. So, my sister told me about this cbd oil. I purchased the 250 mg bottle. I took my first dose before bed and when I woke up the next morning, I felt like a new person!! Of course I’m not completely pain free, but at least now I can enjoy some of my day. This has done more for my pain than all three of those pain medications COMBINED!! I will continue to purchase this for as long as it continues to work.

by Jessica on Sweet Leaf Relief and Wellness
Feeling amazing

I have Bells Palsy and honestly never thought to try CBD to help my pain... so i got the 1000mg daily dose and for the first time since ive had bp.. ive made it days without pain.. its a amazing feeling to be able to say i feel good today


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